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Cremation Options
Cremation Options at the Rairigh Funeral Home, Ltd., Hillsdale, PA
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Cremation dates back to ancient times. People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. Some do so based on environmental considerations, while others have philosophical or religious reasons.

Many people believe that choosing cremation means limiting your options. Actually, there are a variety of options available with cremation. Most families hold services, which help the bereaved cope with the loss of a loved one. Many people find that opting for cremation gives them the opportunity to personalize service options to create a meaningful experience.


If you decide to have your loved one cremated or if it was the request of the individual, viewing is still an option when choosing this service. Often, families choose to have visitation with or without a funeral service prior to cremation. Depending on the circumstance, embalming may still be necessary when selecting this service.


A Memorial Service is a service without a visitation and the remains of your loved one are not present at the time of the service. At this service, you may choose to have the urn present. This ceremony can be held at the funeral home or a church.


A graveside service is celebrated after your loved one is cremated. Family and friends gather at the grave site where a brief ceremony is held to honor the memory of the deceased.


Direct Cremation is when cremation occurs shortly after death, without embalming. The cremated remains are placed in an urn or other container. No viewing or visitation is involved, however, families still have the option to hold a graveside or memorial service if they decide to do so.


Burial is still a possibility if cremation is part of your funeral arrangements. Options are available. Ask your funeral arrangement specialist during conference.

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